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Georges Wassouf on Mawazine Closing night Mohamed Al Salem et Hussein El Deek on May 15th

published on 07/04/2017

Georges Wassouf on Mawazine Closing night Mohamed Al Salem et Hussein El Deek on May 15th

The talented singers Mohamed Al Salem, Hussein El Deek and the icon of the Arab song Georges Wassouf to perform respectively on Monday 15th and Saturday 20th of May on Nahda stage

Rabat, Friday, April 7th 2017 – Mawazine festival Oriental stage will offer the Moroccan audience two thrilling evenings, with voices from Syria and Iraq. Mohamed Al Salem and Hussein El Deek will perform on Monday May 15th and Georges Wassouf will perform on the curtain closing concert on Saturday, May 20th.

The first part of the evening of Monday May 15th will see the Iraqi singer, Mohamed Al Salem on the stage. A native of Baghdad, El Salem accessed the music world after serving in the Iraqi army for a short time. He actually started his artistic career in 2006 and became famous as a singer in 2011 through his successful title Qalb Qalb, Ahwak ana and also Akhbar al hwy. These songs made him the most sought after artist on Google searches in Saudi Arabia. In 2014, El Salem produced many records, which became hits on YouTube, such as Mazah Masriyah, and Rabeetah. In 2016, he launched the titles Naam Enta and Zak men Zak

Right after, i twill be Hussein EL Deek’s turn to perform on the Nahda stage. Born in 1984 in Syria, Hussein EL Deek is a popular singer who grew up in a large artistic family. He started his career as a professional artist in 2000 with the title Nater Bent Al Madrasa (School Girl Nater). He later collaborated with the maestro Talal Da’our to make the song Petit monde a monster record. In 2013, he released another triumph song, Ghir ma bakhtar (That which I choose) written by lyricist Riad Al Ali and composed by Talal Da’our. Hussein EL Deek is considered today as one of the most popular Syrian artists in the Arab world, with over 25 hits, 10 video clips and many more to come.

The closing night at Nahda stage will certainly be a memorable one, starring the long-awaited Georges Wassouf making his come back to Morocco. Georges Wassouf is considered one of the best representatives of the Arabic song. His inimitable voice timbre and his great titles have marked several generations.

Icon of the Arab song, Georges Wassouf started his career at the age of 10 in the wedding feasts where he sang the classical songs of Oum Kalthoum and Warda. In 1980, he participates in the show Studio El Fan to become right after a sought-after singer.  Wassouf remains one of the few singers to have attracted millions of fans in a very short time and at a very young age. Among his most successful songs we find El Hawa Sultan, which earned him the nickname Sultan Attarab, Rohi ya Nesmah, Helif el-Amar and Law Naweit.

In 2009, Georges Wassouf released the album Allah Karim, which sells thousands of copies worldwide, just like the previous other albums such as Kalamek Ya Habibi in 2007 or Salaf Wi Deine in 2003, that proved to be a huge success in the Middle East.

At age 55, and with more than 30 albums to his credit and numerous world tours, Georges Wassouf remains one of the most prolific singers in the Arab world.


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