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Hip-hop French Touch at Mawazine

published on 16/03/2017

Hip-hop French Touch at Mawazine

Booba, the most fascinating of French rappers will be in concert at the OLM on Tuesday 16th, May.

Rabat, on Thursday, March 16th 2017: The 16th edition celebrates one of the great figures of the French urban scene : Booba, will perform at the OLM on Tuesday 16th, May.

Boasting eight gold records and five platinum ones, including three double platinum records: Booba ranks by far ahead of all French rappers, allsales combined. Born in 1976, Elie Yaffa, as a real name, this Franco-Senegalese, becomes Booba when he starts rapping in Boulogne in the Hauts-de-Seine. After having started his career with the Beat 2 Boul collective, composed of ‘The Wise Poets of the Street” and the Time Bomb, which includes Pit Baccardi and Oxmo Puccino, Booba founds the duo Lunatic with the rapper Ali. For many years this duo will impress the Rap world.

In 2000, the duo releases under the independent label 45 Scientific, their first album, Mauvais Œil. Created solely for the occasion, 45 Scientific turns out to be the first to receive a Golden Record attributed to a 100% independent rap label. After this Booba takes a solo career, releasing his first opus, Temps Mort, and successfully asserts himself as a first class rap artist with his song Destinée. This results in a new gold record and a growing success for the artist, who pursues his career by composing the soundtrack of the film Taxi 3.

In 2004, Booba is awarded a double Gold Record with the release of Panthéon under his new label, Tillac Records. The highly respected Nouvelle Revue Française publishes at the same time an article that ranks the singer among the greatest French authors. The following album, Ouest Side, is hailed by both critics and audiences, and ranks number One in sales and is awarded the Double Platinum record. Perpetually unbalanced, Booba’s rocky flow supports a very personal writing, all in bold metaphors and neologisms.

Unbeatable in the heavyweight category of French rap, Booba returns in November 2010 from Miami, where he had recorded Lunatic. This fourth album includes duets with P. Diddy, Akon and Ryan Leslie. With the release of his album entitled Futur, Booba’s aura is even greater. The album, features Rick Ross and 2 Chainz. No sooner than it is released, the album sells more than 17,000 copies on iTunes and beats the French record of digital sales, all musical categories combined, in a single week, crowned double platinum record.

Prolific artist in nature, Booba releases the same year (2015) two other albums, both certified Double Platinum Records: D.U.C with Future, Mavado, Lino, Jeremih and the star of the reggaeton Farruko, and Nero Nemesis. The Albums include hits such as Validee and 92i Veyron whose title Génération Assassin is a tribute to the eponymous band that marked the artist’s adolescence.


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