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The Great Demi Lovato as guest star, Les scènes Nahda & Salé stage célebrate music Morocco

published on 20/05/2017

The Great Demi Lovato as guest star, Les scènes Nahda & Salé stage célebrate  music Morocco

Day 8 of the Festival, introduces Demi Lovato, Issam Kamal, Ribab Fusion, Farid Ghannam, Asmae Lamnawar and Hatim Ammor.

Rabat, May 19, 2017: Her name is today inseparable from the current American scene, to which she has offered some of her greatest titles since her debut in 2008. An extremely popular singer, Demi Lovato has delivered a phenomenal performance on the Stage of the OLM. From Here To Go Again to Unbroken, via Confident, the star played her best tubes from albums produced by Toby Gad, Timbaland, Missy Elliott or Max Martin and picked up in chorus by a public conquered by the talents of the ” Artist.  Demi Lovato is also a successful actress like in Prison Break or Gray’s Anatomy.

Especially dedicated to oriental music,  Nahda stage was the evening of an exceptional program with the successive performances of the Moroccan Asmae Lamnawar, who collaborated with the Cairo Opera and sang in duet with Kadem Al Saher, and Hatim Ammor, recipient of the fifth edition of Studio 2M,. And also with Marouane Khoury and made his first steps as an actor in Egypt and then in the television series Bent Bladi.

Salé stage, welcomed Issam Kamal, former leader of the Mazagan group, Ribab Fusion and Farid Ghannam offered their fans music merging Amazigh styles, traditional songs from Souss and village music. The result is memorable performances.

On the Bouregreg stage, it was Calypso Rose’s carnival music, reminiscent of the beaches of the West Indies and the colors of Tobago, where she stands as an iconic artist from the region since the 1970s. A great lady who has traveled the world for over forty years, shining with energy and a velvet voice that earned her the undisputed title of “Queen of Calypso.”

Mohammed V National Theater was no exception in terms of rhythms. José Porcel and his Spanish and flamenco dance troupe literally conquered a public fascinated by the choreographers of the master who began dancing Andalusian folklore at the age of 13 years  and started his training with the great Martín Vargas, Paco Romero, Isabel Quintero, Pedro Azorín and José Granero at the age of 16.

On Chellah stage, the Pacific Ocean and Reunion Island were celebrated with the Saodaj ‘group. The band is composed of a new generation of artists taking the torch of the burning maloya and managed to place their crystalline voices and their impetuous ternary rhythm in world music. Nurtured by influences from southern, australian and european influences, the young traveling quintet  surprised its audience by the maturity of its acoustic fusion–a music that is  faithful to its history and ancestors, made even more charming with  the voice of the charismatic singer Marie Lanfroy.

Finally, as it is tradition, Mawazine for this eighth day showcased on the streets of Rabat and Salé brass bands and street shows performed by the Moroccan troops: Les Tambours du Maroc and Casa Fiesta.


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