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Mawazine introduces its public to voices from Iraq and Lebanon

published on 14/03/2017

Mawazine introduces its public to voices from Iraq and Lebanon

Majid Al Mohandis and Fares Karam will perform respectively on Saturday 13th and Tuesday 16th of May on Nahda stage.

Rabat, Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 – Every year, Mawazine offers memorable evenings featuring the great names of the Arabic and Oriental song. For the 16th edition, the festival continues its promise by hosting the Iraqi singer Majid Al Mohandis on Saturday May 13th and the Lebanese artist Fares Karam on Tuesday May 16th on the Nahda stage.

His first album as a Rotana artist is titled Waheshny Mut (Missing you to Death). In 2005, Majid Al Mohandis received the “Best Arab Singer” Award. He thereafter released such successful albums as Injanait (I Have Lost my Mind), Anssi (How can I forget) and Udkuriny (Remember me!). All of

Present on the music scene since the 1990’s, Majid Abdelamine Adhir Al Otabi, better known under the name of Majid Al Mohandis, was born in Bagdad. It was the poet Aziz El Rassam who encourages him to take up a musical career and nicknames him « Al Mohandes ». The artist had in fact traded his aeronautical engineering diploma for an artistic career. In 1991 he signed with a Jordan-based company for a song titled Mushkilah (a Problem it is!) and recorded four albums before signing with Rotana label.

His first album as a Rotana artist is titled Waheshny Mut (Missing you to Death). Rich in Iraqui sounds and tones, the album entitles him to be coined as the best Arab singer in 2005. The release of Injanait, Anssi and Odkorini propel the singer to the top charts and bolstered his reputation as Mutrib Al-`Ushaaq (or, the Delightful Singer of the Passionate Lovers) in the Arab world.

On Tuesday May 16th, Fares Karam will set Nahda stage alight with his famous songs and a rich variety of Lebanes dabkeh. Born at Jezzine (Lebanon) in 1973, Fares Karam is a “variety-style and Lebanese Dabkah singer. He was spotted on Lebanese TV in 1996 thanks to a program, Studio Al-Fann (or, the Arts’ Studio). Since then he has recorded eight albums. He also performed in prestigious events such as the Fifteenth Faces Concert in 2005, the Carthage Festival in 2009, and Mawazine Festival in 2011. He likewise went on tours in the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America.

Since 1999, Fares Karam has been reaping awards after awards ranging from  “Sydney Cedars Club” to “The Arms of Alberta” through “Lions International” to name a few. A supremely gifted artist, Fares Karam has introduced the Dabkeh with revisited Lebanese rhythms. His main successful songs: Shefta (I have seen her), At-Tanura (the Skirt), Reitany, or Neswanji (Womanizer) are credited for propagating this Lebanese musical style in the Arab world.


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