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Mawazine declares its passion for music: “We Are Family!”

published on 27/06/2019

Mawazine declares its passion for music: “We Are Family!”

Rabat, June 26th 2019: Considered as one of the best rappers in the United States, Travis Scott was one of the greatest attractions of this sixth day, during the Mawazine Festival-Rhythms of the World. Chaining successes since his meeting in 2013 with Kanye West, the American rapper delivered on the OLM Souissi stage a phenomenal performance for his first concert in Morocco. An amazing show by this outstanding performer who collaborated with the greatest: Drake, N’as or DJ Khaled!


On the international stage, festivalgoers also discovered another music superstar that same evening: the singer Aya Nakamura, who punctuated the daily life of French youth in 2018 with her hit Comportement, Copines and above all Djadja, whose videos accumulates to this day nearly 400 million views on YouTube! An unprecedented concert in the form of a reward for this artist born in Mali in a family of griots.


A true hit maker, the Sister Sledge also created the event. Acclaimed at the Mohammed V National Theater, sisters Deborah and Kim proved that they remain true icons of disco with 15 million records sold and more than 100 awards and distinctions. As part of its worldwide tour, the band made a remarkable stop in Rabat, performing their greatest hits, including the timeless We Are Family, which was sung in unison by the crowd.


On the Nahda stage, the Mawazine festival-Rhythms of the World welcomed two key figures: the Lebanese Walid Toufic and the Jordanian Diana Karazon who have both performed their rich repertoires composed by the most famous authors in the Arab world.


Another highlight, this time in Salé, with the performance of Manal, a figure of pop and Moroccan trap. Nominated in 2015 Best Female Artist in North Africa by the Afrim Awards, the young Marrakech native has thrilled the audience by performing her most popular titles. Just like the rapper Casablanca Lbenj whose latest opus, Milliard, caused a sensation.


Rich with his dual African and European culture, Youssoupha has left his mark on the Bouregreg stage. Dominating French rap with his lyrics and freedom of speech, the artist handled the art of words with brilliance, delivering a conscious rap inspired by his youth.


At the Chellah, the sublime Sharmila Sharma has dazzled the audience. In this new tribute to the heritage of the Roma people, this figure of Kathak music, song and dance was surrounded by four renowned musicians: the singer Madhubanti Sakar, the table player Prabhu Edouard, the flautist Henri Tournier and the sitarist Michel Guay.


The  Mawazine Festival-Rhythms of the World has also won the streets and squares of Rabat. The group Hot Streets proposed a great percussion show that captivated the visitors. On the program: wild rhythms and impressive outfits. Impressive as well, the Bladi Fanfare has honored the wind instruments by mixing Moroccan rhythms and great tradition of the brass band.


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