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Mawazine will occupy the main arteries of the capital to spread its magic

published on 02/04/2016

Mawazine will occupy the main arteries of the capital to spread its magic

Rabat, April 2nd, 2016 – As usual, the stage of Salé and the streets of Rabat will see performances of artists with unique and poetic universes blossom. A cocktail of extremely awaited exceptional performances, sure to delight all generations.

The 15th edition of Mawazine Festival Rhythms of the World resolutely promises to be memorable! On the agenda: an ingenious mix of traditional Moroccan music and sounds come from elsewhere.

On Sunday May 22nd, the hope of the Rways repertoire, Raïssa (master) Fatima Tachtoukt, will perform on the same stage. Amazigh music has always entertained this young artist, especially the repertoire of Raïssa Rkia Talbensirt, to which she devotes unlimited admiration. She owes the premises of her career to her participation in a contest organized by Radio Plus in 2007, Ddu Tafukt, which she won among 300 participants. The following year sees her first album, through which she pays tribute to Rayssate (women masters) who rocked her cradle since birth, like Raïssa Fadma Tagourramt, Raïssa Ftuma Talguercht, Raïssa Sfiya Oult Telouet and Raïssa Fatima Tihihit Mqorn.

A number of groups will be produce during this prestigious edition. On Tuesday May 24th, the stage of Salé will be home to a show characterized by an explosion of positive vibes from Darga. Native of Casablanca, consisting of nine members, Darga is one of the most active representatives of the alternative Moroccan scene. Interbreeding reigns on their musical creation, which finds its source in reggae, ragga, gnaoua, rock, ska, funk, and jazz. Darga has also had the honor to of performing the opening of stars such as Manu Dibango, N’Dour, and Sergent Garcia. Each one of their performances, whether on a national level or during big European festivals, is a breathe of oxygen for a public hungry for positive vibes and moments of sharing. Two self-produced albums saw the day since the group’s creation in 2001:  Darga (2004) and Stop Baraka (2008).

Thursday May 26th, the stage of Salé will transform into a grand special evening of Moroccan hip-hop. Rapper H-Name will be present to offer his fans African and Amazigh sounds. A style imprinted with originality propelled our “Moroccan Eminem” to the top of the headlines. Born in the early 80s in Casablanca, H-Name became the voice of a youth lacking orientation. His unique flow and voice vehicle successful tracks, like “Salsa de Casablanca,” “Hadchi li ngolo,” and “Ara Ara.”

Time for street shows, with Overboys Original, who will offer from Saturday May 21st to Tuesday May 24th, eclectic music made of colorful notes and sunny rhythms. The nine members of the group have a style of world music and diverse cultures to offer the public a bubbly and energetic cocktail. On the menu: Samba and Batucada mingled with hip-hop and salsa, without forgetting the Moroccan touch.

The breathtaking percussion group, Ostina Tono, will also perform on the same dates. With simple metal barrels, the 10 musicians of the group were inspired by Moroccan heritage to create melodies varying from chaâbi to African music, passing by Berber and Gnaoua music. Chaining performances, private parties and festivals throughout Morocco, these young percussionists quickly established themselves on the national music scene.

From Wednesday May 25th to Saturday May 28th, Rabat will be sporting the colors of Batukown, who will occupy the streets of the capital, to the residents’ greatest delight. Created in Rabat in 2014, this group of percussionists and circus artists features, with the help of comedian and musician friends, the Batuklown street show. The group presents a musical comedy inspired from the 60s. Also on the agenda: urban culture, modern life, and a mild-flavor of crazy.

Finally, still from Wednesday May 25th to Saturday May 28th, to end the week in beauty, the unmistakable sounds of Tketkat Marrakech will bring happiness to the festivalgoers. Offering collective and masculine music with polyrhythmic percussions and choral singing. The Tketkat Marrakech troop excels in this spectacular art, and performs at popular and religious parties, at marriages, and also at festivals and other events. Tketkat Marrakech has animated diverse shows for national manifestations and represented Morocco at multiple international festivals, as is the case for this 15th edition of Mawazine Festival Rhythms of the World.


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