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Saber Rebaï in Concert for Mawazine Closing

published on 04/04/2016

Saber Rebaï in Concert for Mawazine Closing

Rabat – April 4th, 2016 – The 15th edition of Mawazine Festival Rhythms of the World marks its comeback with Tunisian maestro Saber Rebaï on the Nahda stage. Closing already promising unforgettable moments, both festive and moving.

Next may 28th, one of the most beautiful voices of Arab music will once again strike the ground of the Kingdom’s capital for an exceptional concert. This author, composer, performer, has indeed left an indelible imprint on the history of the festival since his passage on the Nahda stage in 2011. A show that still today, evokes wonderful moments of communion with a seduced public.

From Carthage to Jerash, passing by the Opera of Cairo, the Olympia of Paris, Australia, Palestine, the United States, and South Korea, this music genius performed on the most prestigious stages in the world, since the release of his mythical version of Sidi Mansour in 2000.

Born to a Sfaxien family, on March 13th, 1967, since his youngest age, Saber Rebaï has been rocked to music constantly played by his parents, dedicated music lovers, who have always showed their unfailing support. He was initiated to the oud since the age of ten, then to violin, which he played during family events, whose members already predicted a future under the spotlight. Musicology Masters laureate, his influences and sources of inspiration are diverse: Mohammed Abd El Wahab, Abd El Kader El Asaly, Wadih Al-Safi, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Karem Mahmoud.

Overall winner of the contest of young talents in 1985, he performed for the first time at the International Festival of Carthage. Like many Arab artists, he perfected his skill in Cairo then in Lebanon, where the media portrayed him as a promising avant-gardist artist. “My music is not alien, nor archaic, nor futurist, but it contains a hint from the past. It is the ancient mixed with the modern, “ he says. This happy marriage of traditional and modern is hence the secret of his brilliant career, which counts today no less than 13 albums successful worldwide.

His albums earned him the nickname “Prince of Tarab” by his peers and increasingly large and eclectic audience. His repertoire, now part of the Tunisian cultural heritage, opened him the doors to many planetary events. He was even awarded the Presidential Prize for Finest Cultural Work in Tunisia (2003) and the title of Best Arab Singer in Beirut (2004), to only name a few.

Despite his resounding success, Saber Rebaï never forgot his origins. His velvety voice is undeniably his greatest asset, however it is only one of the basic elements contributing to the popularity of this big-hearted man. Very attached to his roots, the Voice Ahla Sawt juror knew how to remain simple and humble, close to his own and to the Tunisian people. Committed artist, very implicated in the humanitarian world, for Saber Rebaï, singing is to provoke emotions, to unite with his public, but also essentially to convey a message and awaken consciousness. Another way to express his unconditional love for the country of jasmine.


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