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Egyptian Diva Sherine is back to enlighten the Nahda Stage

published on 29/03/2016

Egyptian Diva Sherine is back to enlighten the Nahda Stage

Rabat – March 29th, 2016- She is one of the artists who marked the history of Mawazine Festival Rhythms of the World. This year, for the third time, the Lebanese singer, with unmatched generosity, will perform on the Nahda stage next May 26th. Mark your calendars!


It is a true love story that links Sherine, diva with the soul of a child, to the Moroccan public. She has marked spirits, particularly after her passage in 2013 where a good-natured atmosphere naturally set in. Interactivity and sharing, to her admirers’ greatest delight, were the guests of honor for this unforgettable show, as well as Farid Ghanam and Mohamed Adly who performed by her side.


Originally from Cairo, this Egyptian singer and comedian launched her career with the track “Ah Ya Leil,” in the early 2000s, when she was only twenty years old. Her velvety voice, prematurely detected by her relatives who pushed her to nurture this gift, opened her new perspectives. From the age of 13, she was interested in art in general and particularly in music and, in parallel, perfected her technique during family or neighborhood events, until she got noticed by producer Bahaa Sultan, Tamer Hosni, and the one commonly referred to as “the star maker:” Nasr Mahrous. He believed in her the second he heard her unique voice, tinged with unique sensibility. He hence offered to produce her first album, Free Mix 3 (2002), alongside world famous Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni. Success is immediate particularly thanks to the famous “Ah Ya Leil.” A second album followed, Garh Tany (2003), definitely establishing the Egyptian diva’s notoriety, now considered one of the most popular and talented singers of the Arab world.


Over 15 years and 6 albums later, Sherine is today on top of the charts. She is also jury member of the The Voice, and collaborated with great Arab artists while pursuing a busy acting career.


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