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Wiz Khalifa and Majid Al Mohandis the stars of the evening

published on 14/05/2017

Wiz Khalifa and Majid Al Mohandis the stars of the evening

For its second day, the 16th edition of Mawazine proposed high level performers  from all over the world.

Rabat, May 14, 2017: After an exclusive opening evening, Mawazine kicked off its second day on the OLM stage with the many a time recipient of platinum disc and nominated for Grammy and Golden Globes, Wiz Khalifa. From Black and Yellow, Roll Up and No Sleep, to We Dem Boyz, Bake Sale and See You Again, from the soundtrack of Furious 7, the American singer who collects critical treated his fans to an unforgettable show, singing his biggest hits, sung in unison by an audience of all ages. In sum, a crazy energy to which no one could be indifferent to.

On the Nahda stage, festivalgoers also applauded a renowned singer and composer: the Iraqi Majid Al Mohandis, who has been present on the music scene since the 1990s. The artist, who traded his aeronautical engineer diploma for a singing career, is a recipient of numerous awards, including that of “best Arab singer”. In addition to his successful albums Injanait, Anssi and Odkorini, Majid Al Mohandis showed how much he deserved his nickname “Moutrib Al Ochaq”, the vocalist of the enthusiasts.

Another highlight of the day was the artist Badr Rami. Born in Casablanca and of Syrian origin, Rami offered to the festivalgoers from the stage of Mohammed V National Theater a very high performance. Thanks to his father, the famous violinist, Mohamed Rami Zeitouni, Badr Rami developed a unique passion for Tarab. A pupil of the Sabah Fakhri school, and figurehead of this traditional art, the singer has proposed sublime interpretations of Mouwachahates (fixed-form poems) and Koudouds Halabiya (Aleppo songs), celebrating with the audience the songs The most representative of Arab heritage.

Music from Iraq, from Syria and of course from Morocco!  True to its tradition as the Festival of all kinds of Moroccan music, Mawazine has once again invited the lovers of the national repertory to discover, on the stage of Salé, the great talents of the Moroccan music:  Rabah Mariwri, Fatima Tabaamrant and Mustapha Oumghil. The three artists attracted thousands of fans in a warm and popular atmosphere.

From Morocco in particular … to Africa in general: the Bouregreg scene fulfilled all its promises with the remarkable concert of MHD, a contraction of Mohamed, a French rapper of Guinean and Senegalese origin. This former member of the Parisian collective “19 Réseaux”, initiated his career playing rap in particular to the trap genre, a hybrid of rap and dance. MHD left a deep impression on his audience thanks to his unique flow and his very rhythmic music!

To celebrate and honor music from the islands of the world, the festival opted for Chellah stage to introduce such music to its public. Native of Cyprus Vakia Stavrou, took the thousands of her audience, through a pure voice, on a journey to Mediterranean sea world.

As is the tradition, as of the second day of the festival, the streets of Rabat and Salé were fraught with bands and street performance groups performing their respective styles to the delight of the public. to name of few, Rabat and Salé dwellers could enjoy performances from  Oussama Band, specialist of the circus arts, and Bakho Atika Group, recognized for His mastery of dance and dakka marrakchia.


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